Canada launches Smart Cities Challenge

On November 23, Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities officially announced the Smart Cities Challenge. The challenge is open to all communities in Canada, including “municipalities, regional governments and Indigenous communities (First Nations, Métis and Inuit). The Challenge encourages communities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data

Miami City Hall Goes Green in Support of the Paris Climate Agreement

Tonight and this weekend in support of #climateagreement @Tomas_Regalado @kenrussellmiami @FrankCarollo_ @FrancisSuarez @KeonHardemon W Gort — City of Miami (@CityofMiami) June 2, 2017 Tonight and this weekend in support of #climateagreement @Tomas_Regalado @kenrussellmiami @FrankCarollo_ @FrancisSuarez @KeonHardemon W Gort

Health First: Reimagining the Conversation on Sustainability

Could a greater awareness of our own health become the catalyst for transforming the way we think about the wellbeing of our planet? That is the question Paulette Frank, Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson asks in this video from the Sustainable Brands 2016 Copenhagen summit Today, people are thinking

Politicians Discussing Global Warming

  This photo has been making the rounds of Facebook and Instagram with the title “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”. It is from the “Follow the Leader” series staged in Berlin in 2011 by artist Isaac Cordal, and included in his book, “Cement Eclipses”. Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass.

Sweden Plans to Be a Fossil-Free Country By 2030

As in fossil-fuels, not dinosaur bones. Sweden is already ahead of other nations in reducing fossil-fuel use by producing energy from their waste – so much so that they have to import garbage from the UK, Norway, Denmark and other neighboring countries. But Sweden wants to go even further by becoming entirely fossil-free by 2030,

France Mandates Green Roofs For All New Commercial Construction

EcoBuilding Pulse reports that a new law, passed by the French Parliament last week, requires all new buildings in their commercial zones to have a living roof or solar panels. This is less stringent than the original proposal by French environmental activists, which called for complete roof cover by greenery, but is still a huge

Element Hotels Expanding to Doral, Frankfurt, London, Vancouver

In February 2012, Element Miami announced the opening of its LEED-certified hotel here at the Miami International Airport. Since then, the “stylish, eco-wise brand” has been expanding rapidly, and its portfolio is expected to double within the next two years. Parent company, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. has also announced “Element will expand outside

Cute Infographic: Welcome to the Home of Tomorrow… Today

Eurofit Direct Furniture Fittings, a company in East Yorkshire England, has a wonderful blog which recently posted this cute infographic. I giggled out loud at their intro: “So get off your hoverboard, put down your sonic screwdriver, and check out our infographic, showcasing some advanced technology designed to transform your out-dated dwelling into the cutting-edge

People Who Live in Glass Houses

Green Building Elements posted an article about the Vertical Glass House, built by West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art in Shanghai China. While I love the use of glass in architecture, I think I’d like a little more privacy in the bathroom. I’d also prefer my view to be the outdoors rather than